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        We are committed to ensuring that our workplace is diverse and representative of the many customers we serve around the globe. At Caterpillar, we respect the unique talents, experiences and viewpoints of all of our employees. Different perspectives help us achieve our best work and enable our company to make positive changes in the communities where we live and work. And that matters to us.

        To ensure that our commitment to diversity and inclusion spreads throughout our company, Caterpillar established Employee Resource Groups. Employee Resource Groups connect dedicated employees who share similar life experiences or interests. These groups provide opportunities for personal and professional development, and they help drive innovation, too. Resource Group membership is voluntary and open to all active Caterpillar employees.

        Please use the links below to learn more about our diversity and inclusion journey.

        Caterpillar Participates in United Kingdom Gender Pay Gap Reporting



        Gina Guo Gina Guo


        To say Gina Guo has a wide array of interests an understatement. In addition to her role as excavator machine service engineer, she’s the vice chair for the Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group. Mother. Wife.? College language teacher. Professionally trained pianist. Singer for the Peoria Symphony and Caterpillar Employee Chorus. STEM mentor.? Amateur bodybuilder and kickboxer. Woodworker.

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        Redefining the Industry for Future Generations?

        We strive to celebrate and empower the people who do what it takes to move our world forward no matter their gender, appearance or background. We will call out the opportunity to eliminate gender bias in the industries we serve; because there is a future generation of world builders eager to learn and to drive our businesses forward – and they should have every reason to believe that anyone can do any job with the right amount of passion, dedication and expertise.