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      1. PODCAST: Caterpillar’s Chief Technology Officer Karl Weiss on Servant Leadership



        September 27, 2019

        Growing up as the youngest of eleven kids on their Indiana dairy farm,?Karl Weiss?realized?early on he wanted a little more adventure than the farm could provide milking cows twice a day.?Weiss did like taking things apart and putting them back together again, and he was good at math. Those two talents would eventually launch him on a 30+ year career at Caterpillar, starting as an intern in Lafayette, Indiana while attending Purdue University.?In this latest?Caterpillar Podcast, Weiss sits down with host Rusty Dunn to share his journey and stories that have taken him around the world and led to his current role as Caterpillar’s Chief Technology Officer and vice president of the Innovation & Technology Division?(ITDD).????????

        Show highlights are listed in the program guide below.?Get the latest episodes of the podcast delivered to you by subscribing on your favorite podcast app –?SoundCloud,?iTunes?or?Google Play.?

        Program Guide?(26:10 total run time)

        2:35 – One of eleven “hired hands” on the family dairy farm.

        4:00 – College and Caterpillar at the same time.

        7:00 – Some key career choices and global opportunities.

        9:45 – Building on 100+ years of innovation.

        12:20 – A big playing field for ITDD and an options-based strategy.

        15:00 – The critical connection to services.

        17:10 – Listen first, wait 90-days, then decide.

        19:05 – Becoming a servant leader after a tough start.

        22:30 – Karl’s career advice? Customer first and helping your boss be successful.

        24:00 – Right company. Right Industry. Right Time.


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